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According to a UNESCO study, Finland has the best ground water and drinking water in the world, and about a quarter of the Finns get their drinking water from a unique and extremely pure region—the Salpausselkä Ridges—on the southern border of the Finnish lake district.

Natural Filtration

The Salpausselkä Ridges was formed by the last Ice Age more than 10 000 years ago. Glacial meltwaters transported, sorted and deposited the sand and gravel forming a perfect natural filtration system for Vellamo Mineral Water.


Thick layers of sand and moraine gravel ensure mineral content that helps the body to maintains its fluid balance.


On the go, by the pool, on a hike or at the office, Vellamo Mineral Water is a perfect everyday drink, bottled in a chick, sustainable glass bottle.

Water Analysis

  • pH 6.20
  • Calcium (Ca) 10 mg/l
  • Magnesium (Mg) 2.7 mg/l
  • Chloride (Cl) 3 mg/l
  • Sulfate (SO4) 21 mg/l
  • Nitrate (NO3) 1.55 mg/l

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